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Forex Price Action Strategy – easy Set and Forget (Video Inside)

Forex Price Action Strategy – easy Set and Forget (Video Inside)

Hi everyone, welcome to today’s forex training video  looking at set and forget or strategies. This is where you can enter a trade simply, be filled very simple trading strategy and we use the prosecution signals to a lotus to the training opportunities within place a limit order to enter. We place a stop loss and then replace a conditional order to cancel the stop-loss if the profit target is hit. Go over how to place the triads in  the broker platforms because everyone is using different platforms what I want to do is go over  how you might try to prosecution signal using a set forget strategy.

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Very easy thing to understand about actually expanded running in article on this site said  forex strategy. you can see the article link below this video. Occasions what on earth then don is identified the prosecution signal here which terminated an upward move the 147 was a nice bearish reversal pen pal a very  order was actually executed so the idea here is to let the market do its thing you walk away and use it your orders and forget the tried if you sit there and watch the market and watch this crane she’ll do.

PriceAction Set and Forget

I do a lot on the daily charts it’s while promote  train the daily time frames in a four-hour time frames and trading price action without me in the cat is keeping a really simple it can be done I do it for a living. Try to push this idea walking wife in a market leading the market do its thing coming back at the New York Los that’s when the wall street market closes its when the forex market closes around the same time and in.

Australia it’s perfect because you can just basically wake up in the morning and look at the chart that’s the perfect time when all this is occurring in america it’s probably also quite a perfect scenario because you can get home from work turn.

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